How to make a two-minute rainbow speech

How to make a two-minute rainbow speech

A rainbow speech can be about any subject and of any length. We can even create a rainbow speech which lasts under two minutes. To demonstrate this, I chose the first word that came into my mind: tomatoes. I promise you that I am not trying to sell any super recipe to health. My intention is to show you that we can produce the colors of the rainbow quickly and easily. My video may seem like a marketing or sales pitch, but that is only because marketers (and Hollywood) have been using the rainbow for years. However, nobody called it rainbow speaking until I did!

Remember you can combine the rainbow colors – red emotion, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth, purple soul – in any order and a rainbow speech does not have to look like this. There is no formula, only a balance of seven colorful ingredients. So once you’ve watched, remember to speak your rainbow too!

FYI – In this video I first demonstrate and explain my use of each color and this lasts until 3 minutes 23 seconds. The real two-minute rainbow speech runs from 3′ 23″ to 5’03” which makes it just 1 minute 40 seconds. If you need a recap of the colors as they are used, you will find them below.

Red Emotion – This comes from the line,  “I love tomatoes” which connects through the word “love” to our red emotions. I heighten this by telling a story in the past about seeing tomatoes while in Ravena, Italy, with my Swedish girlfriend. The word “girlfriend”  will evoke more red emotions in the mind of the audience as it suggests either a happy or unhappy experience with love.

Orange Energy – This is displayed by my vocal variety, gestures, and facial expressions especially in the section where I say, “Mamma Mia!!”

Yellow Joy – Although I make a rude joke in the initial demo which makes me laugh and smile, I did not use this in the actual speech. However, you should notice my smile and joy at the end when I had fun saying, “A tomato a day, will keep the doctor away and your lover happy”.

Green Hope – I offer hope by stating the benefits eating tomatoes will bring to my audience.  I use “you”  and “your”  four times each. I also use the modal words “can”, “will” and “should” to explain positive things that can or will happen in the future.

Blue Vision –  Stating I come from Calgary, Canada, where it is hard to grow tomatoes, gives the audience a reference point for my vision. By using the word “I” seven times in the speech, including one “I think”, my perspective is clearly established. Lastly, my voice, accent, and speaking style also play a role in accentuating my originality.

Indigo Depth – By listing the virtues and nutritional qualities of tomatoes, I create Indigo depth. The use of large words that sound impressive contributes to the idea of deep content: “fights ageing”, “beta carotene”, “lycopene”, “cancer”, “cholesterol”, “antioxidants”.

Purple Soul –  I exaggerate the use of pauses at the end and add an unexpected twist to the line, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This came from my imagination. Notice that instead of biting into the tomato as planned, I put it back down at the end. This happened during the filming along with stumbles on certain words – e.g. “antioxidants” – that have not been edited out. Speakers should appear vulnerable and in the moment rather than robotic or too perfect. Small errors like these create the color of purple soul and this differentiates my video from a perfectly made advertisement.

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