greenHope grows out of your words and optimism. Hope has its roots in faith in the future. Hope is a seed planted for tomorrow, an idea shared to make people grow, a goal set. Hope is an evergreen tree, a spring bud, and new grass breaking through the dirt. Hope is the unstoppable green life force which brings new ideas, things, and change constantly to our world. You are green when you speak with hope and welcome the future. You are green when when you teach, share ideas, and adopt a “Yes we can” attitude. Hopeful people are determined and willing people. They seek positive change for themselves and others.

For our world. You are green when you address the audience with the words you, your, our, we, us. You are green when you employ the words will, shall, gonna, can, are going to which link you and the audience to the Future. Even losers have hope as comedy writers know. Don Quixote had hope. Bradley Cooper and his band of hapless friends never lost hope during their Hangover in Las Vegas. Hope is behind every fool’s quest. And hope can be the punch line of joke. When the French comedian Popeck was presented in Maxim’s with a lobster with only one claw and told that the lobsters had fought in the aquarium, he said, “Well then, bring me the winner.” Popeck has been connecting with audiences for nearly 50 years thanks to his ability to share eternal hope. To recap: Green is the color of hope, determination, optimism, faith, growth, goals, learning, teaching, planting seeds, a “Yes we can” attitude and a will for positive change. To use green you employ the Future and address audiences with the words you, we, us, our, your, let’s.

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