orange Whatever type of speaking or performing in public you do, you need energy in your voice, gestures, and body. Be generous with your energy and you will be orange. Audiences will see you as dynamic, powerful, and lively. Some speakers have a wild side and this gives them animal energy. Explore your wild side. Let your orange tiger out of the cage. Your audience will instictively find their animal connection to you which lurks in their own primitive nature. Or maybe you are like a glass of champagne or sparkling water with a bubbly euphoric energy in your body, gestures, and voice. If so, audiences will love you and drink your words like a refreshing glass of Wow energy.

As my image shows, energy can be shared in controlled waves or jumpy bursts. It can soothe or shock. You need to adopt the right level of energy to suit your subject to connect with your audience. Bigger stages require bigger gestures and bolder orange while intimate gatherings call for reduced intensity and mellower tones of orange. And it is always necessary to change your energy throughout your presentation as audiences tire quickly of one constant level of energy, especially the most intense or subtle ones. When you speak with energy, you are present and this links audiences to you and the Present.

To recap: the key words of Orange are dynamic, generous, powerful, stage presence,controlled or wild, bubbly or electric, animal, striking, fluid, intense, mellow, variations…The Present.

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