yellow   Your joy for speaking and performing on stage radiates the color yellow. Joy spreads through confidence, smiles, relaxed manner, humor, and laughter. Joy makes you shine for audiences. A crowd can feel your joy and enjoy your positive, upbeat glow and warmth. Yellow is extroverted and expands out from you. Yet, you do not have to be an extrovert or a comedian, only light of heart and joyful in the moment. When you project a state of joy, your audience attributes you a bright sunny personality and even feels your inner smile. Yellow, like orange, is a color of the present and links the audience and you in the Present.

Yellow is the color of happy endings and all comedies emerge from a state of confusion and darkness to end on this color. Do you wish for your audience to retain a positive message? Chase away the shadows and clouds of doubt in your listeners’ minds and then stop your speech with a bright ray of yellow joy.

To recap: the color yellow is light, joyful, upbeat, shining, sunny, extroverted, confident, relaxed, reassuring, warm, bright. Yellow is also the color of humor, smiles, laughs, positive messages and happy endings.

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