What is the Speak the Rainbow?

Rainbows are rare. Rainbows are beautiful. Rainbows excite people enough to take photos and share them. The one below was sent to my son’s phone while we were also admiring the same rainbow from our livingroom window. Rainbows connect people.

Rainbow Screen shot
Screen shot of rainbow on Son’s phone

Singers, performers, and public speakers also deliver rare and colorful moments which connect people. Audiences hold up their smartphones to capture and share the event. The best speeches and TED and TEDx talks go viral and are shared by millions of people. I call these moments Rainbow Speaking.



I believe rainbow speaking is as natural and beautiful as the rainbow that appears outside our window. Color symbolism can help us visualize the key elements of a great speech and make it easier to spot one. Color symbolism has always existed. For example, across history and cultures red has depicted the emotions of love and hate. Yellow was the symbol of the Sun King in France,  and today the Smiley, symbol of happiness, is also yellow.

Examples of Red Emotions

Yellow Happy Face
Yellow Smiley = symbol of joy
Yellow Sun King logo

The secret of rainbow speaking. 

My theory is that an outstanding speech has a balance of seven elements: red emotions, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth and purple soul. These elements may appear in varying strength, but when all seven are present the result is a Rainbow speech which connects with an audience in a unique and memorable way.


You create a rainbow for your audience by using and balancing red emotion, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth, and purple soul.


You can learn to use these seven colors in your daily and professional speaking habits. When you do, you create colorful connections which inspire and wow. And you can see how other speakers and performers use these same colors in the best speeches you hear live or on youtube.

I invite you to speak your rainbow and create truly memorable rainbow moments for you and your audience.



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