AIN World Conference Paris August 2018

Diverse – City! A few of the presenters and trainers at Paris AIN World conference 2018

This week it is such an honor for me to be presenting my Creating Colorful Connections workshop as part of an amazing group of improvisers and AI (Applied Improvisation) trainers from around the world. In fact, when I saw on the schedule that other intriguing workshops proposed by Izzy Gesell and Raymond Van Driel were at the same time as mine, I wondered how I could be in three places at one time. I will need to IMPROVISE something to take advantage of their experience and ideas and still be able to do my workshop. For those attending the conference and curious to know more about my ideas here are the handouts I have made as a guidleine to the colors of Speak the Rainbow™.

Handout in French for Creating Colorful Connections

Handout in English for Creating Colorful Connections

If you have any questions, YES and let’s improvise a conversation during the conference.

Colorfully yours

David Martin

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