New Worlds

This is a photo I took as I entered my local park. A ray of light pierced the trees and came toward me as though offering me a second path of light. Such is my life at the moment. New paths are coming towards me. In August I will present my Creating Colorful Connections workshop at the AIN World Conference in Paris. The AIN is the Applied Improvisers Network which only a few months ago I had no idea existed. When I discovered they were holding the World Conference in Paris, I thought do I really want to miss this opportunity? Improvisation is something I love as my speaking flows when I improvise and wild and magic things happen. So I signed up to attend and submitted to do my workshop too. And I also volunteered to help out and met with the organization committee. My bonus? I will be interpreting and translating for the conference  By going towards this world, a new world of improvisation trainers and specialists from around the world will be coming to play with me. So what events are you thinking about going toward? Who do you wish to meet? By taking your first step towards something, you will set in motion the process that opens up a whole new world to you.

And new worlds do exist. My FaceBook friend, Hannelie Sensemaker WorldPainter Venucia, is busy preparing the  launch of her new podcast series, “Your world or mine?” in which she plays an alien from Mars to interview people from around the world on how we live on this colorful planet. And guess who is one of the people interviewed? Yes! More proof that by going towards the world via speaking, podcasting, making videos, posting on blogs you might even end up talking to and sharing your rainbow with a Martian.

You can hear the podcast I made with alien Han here:

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