Moving on from Mad, Fun & Sun

_204095014980829_10209434560993524_6494531765849685172_n The evening before I flew to Madrid for Mad, Fun, and Sun, I rushed from work in Paris to pick up my brand new business cards in the suburbs. I got to the UPS delivery desk just before it closed for the long Armistice weekend. Two days later I was exchanging my new card and ideas with the 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay, in Madrid. The same Darren Tay I had written my post Rainbow Example 1 -Darren Tay three weeks ago. Such is the rainbow! When you are filled with the colors of emotion, energy, joy, hope, vision, depth and soul, amazing things happen.

darren-and-me Here I am speaking with Darren about his wonderful keynote called Secrets of the World Champion of Public Speaking 2016.

As with his world championship speech, Darren used all the colors of the rainbow in his keynote and had the whole roon engaged with him when he finished with a tidal wave of more than 400 audience members for his followers on Facebook which you can view here:

Darren was one of many outstanding speakers in Madrid. As I listened to the contestants and workshop leaders, I saw the biggest connections happened when speakers spoke with emotions, energy, joy, hope, vision, depth and soul. Like Darren, the best speakers all, intentionally or unintentionally, connected colorfully with audiences by blending these seven elements into their speech and this is what separated a good speaker from a great one. This observation inspires me to spread my rainbow speaking ideas further.

The opportunity came this week when TEDxIHEParis announced eleven exciting speakers for the ONE LIFE event on May 20, 2017 and informed me that I will be giving the whole group my workshop on speaking the rainbow!


I am looking forward to coaching these amazing people as they prepare their story for the audience and world. Over the coming months, I will be posting here what goes on behind the scenes as their stories are honed for the TEDx event. (I suspect I’ll sneak some of Darren’s secrets into their talks too).

Another surprise arrived this week when I discovered that the 2017 Toastmasters International Convention will be in Vancouver, Canada. As a Canadian, I plan to be there and I am already preparing mental images of myself presenting my Speak the Rainbow workshop during the Convention. Thank you Madrid! I move on knowing my rainbow will shine from Madrid all the way to TEDxIHEParis and the 2017 Toastmasters International Convention in Vancouver, Canada where I expect to meet… Darren Tay and many of you once again!

PS. Here’s what my very own, first ever, business (business??) card looks like. Was a relief to receive them just in time for Madrid. Ouf!!




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