An introduction video to purple

I had forgot my purple t-shirt. I had not shaved. The sun was behind the clouds and the wind was too strong. And yet what if I film a video introduction to purple here? Three excuses and a question that repeated, resonated, and echoed in my mind as I walked by a beautiful unexpected field of purple flowers on the way to an isolated beach near the Bay of Somme in Northern France. The question remained unanswered as we crossed the dunes and walked far across the huge open sandy beach to reach the waves.

We stayed near the water – taking photographs of my partner as she ran through the waves in a long red dress. The grey clouds were stunning and my heart filled with joy as I saw her beauty merge with the elements. Strong, alive, free, passionate.

The clouds began to open up with promise so we headed back over the dunes towards the parking lot, hoping to get a swim in before the end of the afternoon. And warm sunshine now flooded the field of purple flowers that earlier had been gloomy and desolate looking. The purple flowers were so inviting that I stepped off the path and walked right into the middle of them and sat down.

Right there I decided to film my video on Purple Soul. I let the words come and spontaneously did several takes, not sure of the light or the sound. When I finished, we hiked back to our car and drove to another beach where we swam in vigourous waves of the rising tide.

This was a day of a deep soul connection with the landscape, the sea, the dunes, the waves, and with my partner. I hope you appreciate the video which in fact is the first take. Like so often, our best effort comes when we are fully in the moment like all good soul connections do.

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